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Dress Guidelines for the Women’s Soccer League

In public, the women of the NSWL are expected to uphold a neat, professional, and clean appearance so as to not tarnish the reputation of their team. On the field, they are required to wear this designated jersey, the necessary shin guards, socks and cleats, and they are forbidden from wearing the following:

  • Jewelry
  • Hair Clips
  • Sunglasses
  • Baseball caps
  • Plastic Headbands

Thermal shorts or pants are permitted under their uniform so long as the color doesn’t stray far from the uniform color itself. It is of the utmost importance that the women remain adequately protected during the course of the game. Failure to comply with these rules could result to bench time, says Soccer Garage.

Women’s Equipment

Abiding by the womens soccer equipment guidelines is crucial in the NWSL. All equipment must be run by the League Office for their approval. Each team is designated an Equipment Manager. Their …

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