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Benefits of Exercise For Body

The benefits of exercise for this is well known by the general public, but only a few benefits that are known by the public so many people choose not to exercise. People who are fond of sports is the people who already know the importance of exercise in life, unfortunately, people are busy working often overlook the importance of exercise. Every day, we are encouraged to be able to do about 30 minutes of light exercise. Awareness of the community to exercise is still very low so that only a few people who like to do sports. For loans tips, you can see through
Unlike machines that will be damaged if used continuously, your body will be more healthy even when used for movement and activity for moderation. One way to achieve optimal health is to exercise regularly.
The benefits of exercise for the body very much, here we will discuss the benefits of exercise for physical and spiritual. Some of the benefits of exercise:
1. Helps control weight
Exercise can help achieve a healthy ideal weight. Calories will be burned during exercise, excess body fat is converted into energy, even your metabolism will remain high even though we finished exercising.
2. Exercise helps improve mood
Being sad or upset? do not worry because there are many ways to improve mood in order to become better. One effective way is to exercise. Spend 30 minutes to walk around rather quickly when the mood was not so good and watch your mood afterwards.
3. The benefits of exercise in preventing a variety of diseases
Worried with heart disease? or want to prevent high blood pressure? Regular light exercise to control the risk of various diseases including heart disease and high blood pressure. Exercise can lower LDL, triglycerides and can increase the good cholesterol (HDL). Not only that exercise can also prevent stroke, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer and arthritis.
4. Increase energy
If your daily life is less excited and feel the body lacks energy, exercise might be a solution to this condition. Physical activity can increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the cells as a result of increased muscle strength, endurance also improved. Exercise makes the heart and lungs to work efficiently so that the energy generated becomes larger, ready to use for all your activities.
5. Improve Memory
hippocampus productivity will increase when we sweat. part of the brain to improve memory function. From start to children, adolescents, adults to seniors can get this benefit.
Noteworthy during exercise is not excessive. Often we are too cool during exercise or an excessive motivation to want to lose weight so as to strenuous exercise for hours. If allowed to continue instead of the benefits that we could actually experiencing overtraining condition where the body will fatigue, immune system down and pain throughout the body.
Exercise should be with mild-moderate intensity with a duration of approximately 30 minutes per session. Exercise for half an hour 3-5 times a week is better than exercising 2 hours only once a week.

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