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Bruce Cook’s Paraplegic Backflip Sets Records

Bruce Cook never backs down from a challenge. The Motocross rider is the first person to ever complete a backflip on a motorcycle without the use of their legs. Cook’s achievement pushes the boundaries of what is possible in action sports. Most people cannot even complete a backflip on a motorbike. The idea of doing it without the support of a rider’s legs is phenomenal.

Nitro Games CEO Mike Porra was hesitant about allowing Cook to do the trick at first. However, the Nitro Games are known for allowing athletes to expand their horizons. Many times, this is done in the air, as rider and machine perform unimaginable feats. As the saying goes, “No guts no glory”. Porra would not be the one to stand in the way of making something that seems impossible become a moment in time that everyone would witness.

Human beings are always willing to see the impossible come to pass. Extreme sports are all about pushing the body harder and maximizing its potential. In motorsports, new achievements are always undertaken with the knowledge that something can go wrong. Just like playing online slots, anything can happen. Riders can either succeed and leave a stunning legacy behind or pick themselves up and try again.

Cook is not a stranger to what it feels like to go through tough times. The accomplished rider injured his spinal column while attempting a double front flip. A double front flip is extremely hard to complete but that did not stop him from trying. The world’s first documented double front flip was seen in 2016, when the FMX biker Gregg Duffy did it in competition. This was at the Nitro Games.

Like Cook, Duffy has been a part of the Motocross scene for a long time. The Maryland native practiced the front backflip endlessly before trying it at the Nitro Games. The insane move was the highlight of the night when he did it and has raised the bar even higher for competitors. His winning move gave him the title of FMX Best Trick at the games.

Cook’s fearlessness and determination to do what no one else has ever done has helped him to keep pushing. Athletes across the world have consistently shown that not having the use of their arms or legs doesn’t hold them back from doing what they want to do. Every athlete knows that competition is as much about mental strength as it is about physical ability. Cook pushed his way through physical therapy with a lot of hard work and in just a year after his accident, he was back in front of crowds on his motorcycle.

Incredibly skilled athletes like Cook show what is possible when you strive for more. His accomplishment had fans of all ages shouting in approval as they witnessed a momentous event. Just like Duffy’s double front flip, Cook’s backflip took long hours of practice and a desire to see it through. He made history and showed athletes of all ages and in all sports what is possible, if they just put their minds to it.

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