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Get the Best Longboard for a Memorable Riding Experience

The concept of longboarding, a form of downhill skateboarding, has been gaining popularity since the early 2000s and its use is picking up the pace every day. The increasing demand for this downhill skateboarding practice is leading manufacturers into developing a more effective and efficient version of it for a smooth and worry-free riding experience. The modern longboards are equipped with more traction, durability, and stability making them suitable for coasting and cruising longer distances than skateboards. Almost similar to skateboards, longboards have longer and stronger bodies with bigger wheels enabling them to be used for sliding, racing, skating downhill or even cruising.

Longboards are to an extent alike skateboards, only that they are longer with strong bodies and larger wheels which make them faster and cooler to ride compared to regular skateboards. The range of the longboards varies from 33 to 54 inches lengthwise and their widths range from 7 to 10 inches. The different shapes of the longboards include Drop-through, Swallowtails, Drop Down, Pintails, Kicktail, etc. However, the most adaptable choice of longboards would be mid-length boards because they offer maximum flexibility and momentum to the riders. The design of these longboards assures quick short carves, big turns combined with adequate maneuverability.

Ride with precautions

Longboards are used for the purposes of skating downhill, cruising, sliding, and racing along with the ground. A longboard has better grasp and hardness for the purpose of cruising and riding on uneven or bumpy surfaces and it cannot be used to perform tricks or jumps. Visit to learn about diverse shapes, sizes, features and construction styles of longboards to certify greater solidity and protection to the rider. Riders wear equipment to protect themselves and they all wear a helmet and gloves. Longboard protective kit is quite similar to standard skateboard tools, the difference lies with the inclusion of slide gloves. People riding longboards wear helmets and slide gloves as they are the bare minimum for safety. Long boarders also wear additional protection equipment like wrist guards, leathers, knee pads, spine protectors, elbow pads and padded shorts.

Sometimes professional long boarders are required to accessorize themselves with all kinds of protective tools. When the riders go through disciplines like sliding and downhill they wear slide gloves which are made of strong material, like synthetic fabrics and leather and come armed with large discs, known as “pucks” that are attached to the riders’ palms. They are specifically attached with the purpose of protecting the hands as the long boarders use them to an axle in course of glides along the ground. The pucks are manufactured from synthetic polymers, UHMW, Delrin and Corian. The price of the product indeed plays a major role in its purchase and affordability. The price range of a longboard varies from somewhere $50 to $300 depending upon the features each one of them possesses. To know more about the prevailing market price of individual design and structure of longboards potential users can visit reputed sites like and opt for the most suitable version.

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