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Guide to Searching For Freelance Writing Jobs in Sports

A decade back, looking for sports content writing jobs may have been difficult. The markets have opened up though with sports becoming more popular, newer avenues for sports content opening up, advent of YouTube, private leagues in various sports and new sporting heroes rising almost every day. There is a new market for sports which requires, most of all, much of fresh content each minute. There’s a requirement for quality writers who can churn out content, especially so with the increase in power of social media where the content needs to be trending to rank well and get more hits and impressions.

samjob-10A few steps may guide in using the web for looking for freelance writing jobs in sports:

  • Blog as Portfolio: First step to look for any writing work is to have a blog that serves as portfolio and contains quality content. A blog will also help in long-term revenue generation if there is consistency and quality in writing.
  • Making a List of Websites Accepting Submissions: Several websites accept submissions continually. The process involves either being accepted as panel of writers or experts or just guest-contributing. Rates per article are also varied, and payment system is either per article or on the basis of performance of an article. Especially important will be the websites looking for sports content writers if a sports article writer is making the list. Periodically checking the few selected websites for requirement of specific content or making new submissions and trying to get an article accepted helps immensely.
  • Making a Portfolio on Freelancing Websites: It might not be possible to make a portfolio and stay active on all the freelancing websites. However, it is important to make a portfolio on all the websites anyway. Checking selected couple of websites once a day may suffice. Keep all the alerts on, so that when a project arrives or when someone contacts, e-mail or sms arrives and it can be looked on. Also, a complete profile with picture, sample articles, updated experiences can help immensely even without regularity in the same.
  • Checking content niche sites like contentmart regularly and keeping the profile most updated will help immensely. Of all the freelancing sites, checking and bidding for projects is most fruitful when the chances of finding work are higher. Contentmart and few other platforms are specifically for writers and hence landing a sports content writer’s job is much higher.

samjob-2A sports content writer can look for various avenues. Of the uncommon methods may be to look for popular sports websites and check if they are looking for submissions. Getting an article published on a popular website gets a much hits on social profile and blog, and that traffic in turn can get a lot of work. Other than that, at least initially, it is all about trying to work hard and be regular. With time, things ease out when there’s a regularity and content quality speaks.

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